Samtidigt, i FN…

»The United Nations announced earlier this week that it is partnering with Chinese tech giant Tencent to facilitate an international campaign to mark the body’s 75th anniversary. But news of the partnership has raised questions about the security of Chinese tech, especially given Tencent’s role as a comprehensive surveillance tool for the Chinese state.

In a statement, the UN said that Tencent will provide “videoconferencing and digital dialogue tools” to hold “thousands of conversations online” for the anniversary campaign, which aims to “reach out to millions of people across the globe to listen to their thoughts.«

Länk: The UN is partnering with China’s biggest surveillance software company »

Oro för censur med FN:s nya resolution om cyberbrott

The Daily Mail rapporterar:

»The United Nations has approved a Russian-backed cybercrime treaty that has alarmed America and Western powers who fear it will censor the internet.

The General Assembly approved the resolution, sponsored by Russia and backed by China, on Friday.«

Eftersom detta är en fråga som redan hanteras av en expertgrupp – och eftersom resolutionen stöds av länder som Ryssland och Kina – kan det vara klokt att ana ugglor i mossen. Det förefaller som om man vill förekomma den nuvarande expertgruppen, av politiska skäl.

»The (US) ambassador alongside the Finnish representative speaking for the European Union both stressed that the UN’s existing intergovernmental expert group on cybercrime is already tackling the question of whether a new treaty is needed.

’It is wrong to make a political decision on a new treaty before cybercrime experts can give their advice,’ Ms Chalet said, adding that the resolution ’prejudges’ and ’will undermine’ the experts’ work.«

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