Studie: Exklusivt strömmat innehåll kan öka piratkopieringen

Just som alla tycks mena att man fått den illegala fildelningen under kontroll genom att erbjuda lagliga alternativ:

»Broadband Genie, a UK broadband comparison website, conducted a survey of 1,500 consumers and found that 18 percent of respondents admitted to “often” or “occasionally” accessing content via illegal streams or file sharing services like BitTorrent.

The survey found that number would jump to 37 percent if users are inundated with too many content exclusives spread across too many services. 67 percent of those surveyed felt they already pay too much for television content, and 48 percent said that price remained the biggest problem with having multiple streaming services.«

Vice Motherboard: Streaming Exclusives Could Double Piracy Rates, Study Warns »