Håller åtalet mot Ola Bini på att rinna ut i sanden?

I Ecuador står den svenske datateknikern Ola Bini åtalad för… ja, för vad egentligen? Handlar det kanske bara om att han samarbetat med Julian Assange och Wikileaks – vilket inte nödvändigtvis är ett brott?

EFF rapporterar:

Today marks the last day that the Ecuadorean prosecution has to investigate its case against Ola Bini, the Swedish free software programmer who was arrested there in April and detained for over two months without trial and without clear charges. On Thursday, the judge accepted a plea by the prosecutors to change the nature of the charges, switching from one part of Ecuador’s broad cybercrime statute to another. It seems likely that the prosecution will rely on evidence uncovered a few weeks ago that depicted Bini accessing an open, publicly available telnet service: an act that is, in itself, entirely legal under any reasonable interpretation of the law.

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