Frågor som behöver besvaras innan vi rullar ut corona-apparna

Den tyske ledamoten av Europaparlamentet, Patrick Breyer (Pp), ställer några av de frågor som behöver besvaras – innan vi rusar in i en situation där våra liv kommer att styras av en corona-app:

»The concept for warning apps has been carefully designed with privacy in mind, but little thought has been given to the follow-up to warnings: The apps are likely to notify tens or hundreds of thousands of people who have been out to work, for shopping etc. It will not be possible to test all of those. The effect may be little more than widespread concerns or even panic.

Also human contact is but one infection risk. The public should not be mislead into believing that an app will protect them.

Finally, can we really trust all governments to keep the use of the apps voluntary, having experienced over and over the continuous expansion of surveillance policies?

The key to containing the virus really is for everybody to protect themselves, isolating infected persons as well as wide-spread testing.«

Patrick Breyer »

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