Så fungerar Rysslands nya digitala järnridå

Ryssland har som bekant antagit en lag som på engelska benämns »Sovereign Internet«. Även om den inte helt förvandlar internet i landet till ett intranet, så ger det staten stor kontroll över vilket innehåll medborgarna kan få ta del av.

Derek Zimmer förklarar saken hos Privacy News Online:

The bill does more than just forcing ISPs to prefer routing within Russia, it also also forces ISPs to only allow Russian DNS services. These two things combined equal a lot more than just stopping the threat of foreign-driven internet outages. It strengthens censorship and intelligence within Russia.

If you control the DNS servers of everyone in the country, you then control the vast majority of what people can see and do by blocking content or redirecting users to sites that better serves the government’s aims. This is a practice that China does regularly with its great firewall.

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