Cybersäkerhets-experter varnar för brittisk corona-app

Storbritannien och Frankrike har som bekant valt en mer centraliserad modell för sina smittspårnings-appar. Nu varnar 177 cybersäkerhets-experter den brittiska regeringen.


  • 177 cybersecurity and privacy experts have signed an open letter to the UK government asking it to ensure the contact tracing app it’s deploying to track the spread of coronavirus doesn’t then get used as a mass-surveillance tool.
  • The UK announced this week it was eschewing Apple and Google’s contact-tracing API to build its app, which will process users’ data centrally.
  • Experts warn this could create a database that could then be used to de-anonymize users.


”Such invasive information can include the ’social graph’ of who someone has physically met over a period of time. With access to the social graph, a bad actor (state, private sector, or hacker) could spy on citizens’ real-world activities. We are particularly unnerved by a declaration that such a social graph is indeed aimed for by NHSX,” the experts write.

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