Project Zero – Googles digitala insatsstyrka

Computer-forensics firms and investigators determined that [Google] had been hacked not through any fault of Google’s own software, but via an unpatched flaw in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Why, [Google co-founder Sergey Brin] wondered, should Google’s security depend on other companies’ products?

In the months that followed, Google began to get more aggressive in demanding that rivals fix flaws in their software’s code. The battles between Google and its peers soon became the stuff of legend. At the center of several of these spats was none other than bug hunter Tavis Ormandy, known for his smashmouth approach to getting flaws fixed.

Läs den fascinerande historien om hur Googles mytomspunna Project Zero bevakar webben och uppmärksammar dess aktörer på allvarliga säkerhetshål:

Fortune: Google’s Elite Hacker SWAT Team vs. Everyone (juni 2017)