Facebooks hemligheter exponerade

Efter att Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg vägrat låta sig frågas ut av brittiska parlamentet, har det ansvariga utskottets ordförande bestämt sig för att ta i med hårdhandskarna. Cory Doctorow på BoingBoing rapporterar:

Damian Collins chairs the UK Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee; it was he who ordered the Parliamentary Serjeant at Arms to drag a visiting US tech executive named Ted Kramer out of his hotel to surrender his laptop to Parliament so they could see the internal Facebook documents that a US federal judge had ordered sealed. (…) This isn’t just one smoking gun, it’s hundreds of them. This is Facebook’s worst nightmare.

Och i sak?

The documents are incredibly damning. They show Facebookers at the highest level — up to CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg — conspiring to trick Android users about how much data was being gathered by an update to the Facebook app; to give certain companies ”whitelisted” access to user data beyond the access the company had disclosed to its users; to explicitly productize ”friends” data (that is, to allow the trick Cambridge Analytica pulled, when getting a user to grant permission to their own data also allowed a company to access their friends’ data); to use the Onavo battery-monitor app to covertly gather data on which other apps users had installed; and anti-competitive targeting of partners’ apps.

Läs mer här: British Member of Parliament publishes 250 pages of damning internal Facebook documents that had been sealed by a US court »

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