Tonläget höjs om EU:s direktiv om upphovsrätt

Tonläget blir allt högre och allt mer irriterat om EU:s nya upphovsrättsdirektiv. Ur nyhetsflödet:

Shadow rapporteurs on the controversial copyright directive are frustrated that the European Parliament does not have a unified position on disputed Articles 11 and 13, with one MEP telling EURACTIV that Parliament has been conducting institutional negotiations without a text fully agreed on by shadows.

Euracitv: Shadow rapporteurs take stand against Parliament’s handling of copyright directive »

A specific article in the controversial copyright directive may result in Google withdrawing their news aggregator service from the EU, EURACTIV has learnt. EU ministers are set to discuss the issue and reach an agreement on the file later this week.

Euracitv: Copyright could force us to pull out of EU, Google News boss says »


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