Gränsen mellan journalistik och terroristpropaganda

”Oftentimes people think that these are very simple distinctions to make between legitimate and illegitimate journalism, and it turns out to be much much more difficult than people think.

There was the effort five or six years ago to get Youtube to take down terrorist propaganda videos, and of course what happened a few weeks after Youtube agreed to start doing that was that they pulled down an account that was documenting war crimes in Syria.

And you take a step back and say: How do you determine the difference between terrorist propaganda and documenting war crimes? It gets very, very tricky very, very quickly.”

Techdirtgrundaren Mike Masnick under en paneldiskussion på amerikanska State of the Net-konferensen i Washington, DC den 29 januari 2018. (Citatet börjar 47:08 i videon.)