Online-event: How Encryption Saves Lives and Fuels our Economy

Tisdag den 27 november håller New America’s Open Technology Institute ett event med temat: How Encryption Saves Lives and Fuels our Economy.

Crypto Wars 2.0 has gone global. For five years, advocates for strong encryption have been locked in a debate with U.S. law enforcement officials over their demands that companies build encryption backdoors into their products. Yet both here and abroad, in countries like the U.K., France, and Australia, the focus has primarily been on whether it is feasible to build a secure backdoor. But what about the potential human costs of an encryption backdoor?

Bland programpunkterna:
• The Faces Behind the Algorithms: The Real People Encryption Protects
• A Discussion on Human Rights and the International Crypto Debate
• How Encryption Backdoors Would Affect Consumers and Innovation

Här kan du läsa mer, boka in en påminnelse för att följa eventet live / titta direkt den 27 november kl 18 »


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